Fountains of Joy
sunday 11.24.19
ateres chynka 129 Elmwood Avenue | Brooklyn, NY
doors open 11 AM | valet parking
Grand Raffle
U.S. Savings Bond/ Or Cash Value
1 Ticket for $36
2 Tickets for $60
4 Tickets for $100
Special Raffle
Win Two Round Trip Tickets to Eretz Yisroel or $1,000 Cash!
1 Chance for $5
10 Chances for $36
Win a Free Ticket in every prize box!**
1 Ticket for $10
3 Tickets for $25
Split the Pot
Win half the cash in the pot
1 Ticket for $10
3 Tickets for $25
5 Tickets for $36

Other Donation Amount $

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** A ticket marked “JACKPOT” is placed in every prize box at the start of the evening. The winner wins every prize that the Jackpot ticket is drawn from. If jackpot does not win anything, you will be able to choose any prize from the $10 Table and we will get it for you!

If you are the winner of a prize and live out-of-town, we will arrange special delivery provisions with you.
Some photos in the brochure are for illustrative purposes only and are not actual photos of the prize being offered.
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